The Love of Magic

Joshua Jay is one of the great close-up magicians in the world. He’s performed everywhere — on The Today Show, on The Tonight Show, he’s fooled Penn and Teller, he’s coming off a two-year sold-out run in New York of his incredible show “Six Impossible Things.”

But you only begin to understand Josh’s love of magic when you see him sitting alone and just working with a single deck of cards. He practices shuffling, practices cutting the cards, works through any number of routines …

“Just the sight of a deck of cards brings me intense pleasure,” he writes. “It’s how I relax, and it’s also what excites me. It’s the lens that I see the world through.”

From Elias: “I’m a thirteen-year-old magician. My many decks of cards and fresh air bring me comfort in these uncertain times.”

From Matt at Vanishing Inc.: “This is magician Andi Gladwin (co-founder of the Vanishing Inc. magic shop) interacting with high school students during the Magifest Magic convention in Columbus, Ohio. These young men and women were an absolute delight to spend time with, and even months later, it’s impossible for us to look at this photo without smiling.”

From Lee: “My picture if from David Copperfield at the David Copperfield Theater in Las Vegas. My great passion is magic, and David Copperfield is truly the greatest of all time.”

From Edmund: “This is a picture from my happy place, the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. Magic is a major passion for me.”

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