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Passions Outside of Your Profession with Tommy Tomlinson

Joe welcomes in Charlotte-based writer & author, Tommy Tomlinson, as the pair chats about the importance of finding passions outside of your day job. Tommy talks about his love for fishing and ping pong among other things that help him unplug from the daily grind of a writing career.


Talking Power Ball with Rob Neyer

Joe welcomes in acclaimed author Rob Neyer who talks about why he isn't defined by his day job. Rob shares how his passions for birdwatching and mountain climbing keep him occupied when he's not at the ballpark. Rob also lays out some ways that baseball has changed over the years and what is now more valued than it traditionally has been.


Rising Up With Jackie Stiles

Joe welcomes in Jackie Stiles, who is best known for her career in the WNBA, but also has established herself in the world of coaching and business. Jackie talks about her passion of making 1,000 baskets a day and how enduring injury during her career helped to open new windows for her post-basketball life.


"How passion fuels top U.S. executives, public figures"
The Business Journals


Neuroscientist & Opera Singer Indre Viskontas

In this episode, Joe welcomes in multi-faceted proponent of passion, Indre Viskontas, who talks about how she balances her multiple passions. These passions include deciphering the human brain, successfully hiting the high notes and focusing in on how practice can make different activities even more enjoyable.


Jason Kander on baseball, service and Taco Bell

In this episode, Joe welcomes in Kansas mayoral candidate, Jason Kander, who talks about how his various life experiences have helped to shape him today. From his military background to connecting with people while on the campaign trail, to being a Taco Bell savant, Jason and Joe chat about why they care so deeply about their passions.


Swimming with Mel Stewart

In this episode, Joe goes full circle as he's joined by the first athlete he ever covered in Olympic Gold Medalist, Mel Stewart. Mel opens up about his amazing journey to a world record and Olympic gold in the 200-meter butterfly. Hear the one thing that ran through his mind just after realizing his ultimate goal and find out why an Iowa hardware store played an integral role in his decision to start the next chapter.


NY Post Columnist Mike Vaccaro

In this episode, Joe is joined by NY Post Sportswriter, Mike Vaccaro, who talks about his fascination for learning more about his various passions. Joe & Mike talk about life in the information age, where learning more about one's favorite topics is right at your fingertips.


Nick Elam and the Elam Ending

In the series' fifth episode, Joe is joined by basketball theorist, Nick Elam, who has entered the national discussion from his "Elam Ending," which has gained notoriety after its use in The Basketball Tournament. Go inside the concept's thought process with its creator and hear why taking the clock out of basketball could make the end of basketball games even better.


Gary Gulman on passion and obsession

Joe and comedian Gary Gulman talk about life's passions and obsessions, including captivating audiences, reading books and everybody's favorite -- cookies!


ESPN's Mechelle Voepel

Joe is joined by women's basketball scribe, Mechelle Voepel, who opens up about her passion for sports -- namely women's hoops. The duo also goes beyond the fifth dimension to chat about the classic television show, "The Twilight Zone." Mechelle unveils the three episodes that are must-watches for casual viewers and die-hard fans alike.


Writer A. J. Jacobs on Puzzles

Joe is joined by fellow author A. J. Jacobs to talk about his multiple passions, which include Elvis Presley, tirelessly thanking people and crossword puzzles.


Filmmaker Nick Davis on "The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived"

In the show's inaugural episode, Joe welcomes in Nick Davis to preview the PBS documentary about all-time great baseball player, Ted Williams.




The Lars Larson Show