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Life's Obsessions with Comedian Gary Gulman

Joe and comedian Gary Gulman talk about life's passions and obsessions, including captivating audiences, reading books and everybody's favorite -- cookies!


A Platform For Heroes with Mechelle Voepel

Joe is joined by women's basketball scribe, Mechelle Voepel, who opens up about her passion for sports -- namely women's hoops. The duo also goes beyond the fifth dimension to chat about the classic television show, "The Twilight Zone." Mechelle unveils the three episodes that are must-watches for casual viewers and die-hard fans alike.


Solving Life's Puzzles with A. J. Jacobs

Joe is joined by fellow author A. J. Jacobs to talk about his multiple passions, which include Elvis Presley, tirelessly thanking people and crossword puzzles.


"The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived"

In the show's inaugural episode, Joe welcomes in Nick Davis to preview the PBS documentary about all-time great baseball player, Ted Williams.




The Lars Larson Show